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Tips for Choosing Football Gloves

If you are playing serious football, then you need to have football gloves. Ideally, gloves are quite important for linemen, receivers, running backs, and linebackers. Football gloves play an important role in improving the player’s efficiency and at the same time, providing a grip on the ball to ensure you have a better performance on the field. If you want to play football, then you should consider buying a pair of football gloves you can find on the market.

Upper Glove Material

Various football gloves you can find on the market carry a top of spandex, synthetic leather, or leather. If money is not a problem, you should get a leather upper as it can last longer. Also, since leather is a natural material, the glove will allow your hands to breathe. In this way, you will be comfortable as you play. Moreover, leather gloves are quite flexible and will not hamper your performance or grip.

On the other hand, synthetic gloves are not as flexible, as comfortable, or as durable as compared to leather. These gloves are cheaper and are perfect options for beginners. To ensure you get maximum flexibility you need, you should get an upper that is made of flexible material.

Glove Palm Material

This is an important thing to consider as it can either enhance or decrease your performance. Usually, these gloves are either made of ciabatta or latex. This is a thin material that can be treated with chemicals that offer a better ball grip and increase tackiness. The good thing about this leather is that it is extremely durable, flexible, and soft.

Playing Position

Various types of football gloves are available for various playing positions. For instance, the lineman’s glove ought to be well-padded on the wrist and the top. Moreover, it should be soft and flexible. Flexible and soft gloves with sticky palm are ideal for receivers and running backs. You should note that defensive back’s gloves should not have the same qualities but ought to be padded on the top.

The truth is that there is a wide variety of football gloves on the market. When choosing the right gloves that suit your style of playing, you have to consider different factors such as flexibility, durability, and material. Also, you should consider the amount of money to spend on gloves.…

paddle boards

Understanding the different types of stand up paddle boards

Stand-up paddle boards come in different types and shapes. Buyers need to know the type of board that is ideal for them for effective performance. A good paddle board should be able to serve all your needs without any problems. There are certain features to determine when buying stand up paddle boards. For instance, you should be able to know your paddling skill level, the type of waters where you will paddle and other features. The SUP Guru gives you an insight on all types of paddle boards. If you are new to paddle boarding, take time and understand the different types of boards available.

Types of paddle boards

All around standup paddle boards

Just like the name suggests, these SUPs have an all-around shape. Most of the beginners and common users prefer using the all-around boards. These boards can be used in all types of environments, and they are best for families. You can share the board with kids and also pets, and this makes it a very good board for everyone. If you want to try paddle boarding for the first time, then an all-around board is the best choice for you because of the stability.

paddle boards

Surf SUPs

These boards are for the professional paddlers who are more advanced in the sport. Unlike the all-around standups, they are less stable, and beginners are likely to get a difficult time when maneuvering through the board. Surfboards are usually oversized, and they are the best suited for people who already know how to balance the board in any condition.

Touring SUPs

When you hear about touring SUPs the first thing that comes to your mind is long distance. These are paddle boards for people who love adventure and like to paddle for a long distance. They are the best boards for people who prefer high-intensity paddling and want to paddle in the water for long distances.

family on paddle boards

Yoga SUPs

These are SUPs for yoga enthusiasts who want to explore yoga in the calm water atmosphere. To serve the needs of the yoga exercises, the boards are flat in nature making it possible to do all the yoga exercises without restrictions. They are also very stable in the water to allow proper yoga exercises.

Racing SUPs

These are ideal for people who are water sports enthusiasts. They might not be ideal for beginners because the stability is usually compromised because of their shape.…