Five Health Benefits Of Working Out Using Recumbent Bikes

A recumbent exercise bike offers benefits that make it one of the best choices you could make when you go to the gym or are looking for a great piece of exercise equipment to stay in shape at home. The recumbent bike is exercise equipment that can revitalize your workout while ensuring that you are safe and comfortable as you are toning muscles and losing weight.

The following are five health benefits of working out using recumbent bikes.

Physical BenefitsRecumbent Bikes

Though there are several cardiovascular and weight loss benefits associated with the recumbent exercise bike, you will find that another of the top benefits of this piece of exercise equipment is the relief it allows your joints, back, and neck. With a recumbent exercise bike, however, the body is not required to be held painfully, stressfully upright

Cardio/Aerobic Benefits

All of the cardiovascular benefits you get from a standard exercise bike, you also receive with the recumbent exercise bike. All of the activity of the recumbent exercise bike is in your hands; you can set the difficulty or grade of the “ride” and be off. When you pedal, you’ll be exercising the lower portion of your body and ensuring that you get your heart rate up.

iFit Live – Expert coaching

Some of the new recumbent models come with iFit LIVE compatibility. This is a popular fitness feature that connects your bike to the Internet (using the wireless in your home.) From there you can download customized workouts, new workouts from distinguished personal trainers (where they coach you through your workout) and more.

Easy Step-Through Design.

The newer models are designed with a step-through design, so it is simple to get on the bike – you don’t have to jump over the central obstruction, which can get tricky. This also makes it an excellent option for those of us who are not the most coordinated people on the planet.

Comfortable Seats.

Recumbent Bikes inside roomThe seat is vital when it comes to a recumbent bike. A poorly-made, hard or lumpy seat makes your workouts uncomfortable and eventually your bike just becomes used as a secondary clothes rack. The seats are made to be extra comfortable with padded or gel seats and easy-glide adjust. There’s even lumbar support on several models. Plus the handlebars are adjustable to make your workouts even more customizable to your body.

Once you try a recumbent bike, you will never feel the need to go back to an upright standard exercise bike. On a recumbent bike, you can get a great workout and ride to health in total comfort.