How to make your pregnancy easier


For any woman, getting pregnant and bringing a new life into the world means a lot. Becoming a mother will make them happy and make them feel that they have achieved the pinnacle of womanhood. But the nine months of carrying a baby is not easy for everyone. In this article, we will look at a few things that will help a woman going through her pregnancy a little easier.

Pregnancymaternity shoot

Pregnancy is when a woman conceives, and the egg is fertilized by sperm. When a woman misses her mensural cycle, it could mean that she is pregnant. After a test to confirm this, there are three stages that the pregnancy will be dived into. Let’s look at them individually and how a pregnancy pillow can help make them a little easier.

The first trimester

The initial three months are when the embryo starts to develop and multiply. A woman can experience nausea and a lack of energy. The developing fetus will take a lot of energy and nutrients from the mother, so it is important that one takes supplements like iron and calcium to make up for the increase in demand. A woman in her first trimester must eat well and not perform strenuous activities. There will not be much showing at this stage as the baby is nothing more than the size of a grape.

The second trimester

The tummy will soon start showing, and the baby will multiply thirty-fold during these three months. Most women would have passed the stage of nausea, but sensitivity to tastes and smells will be heightened. Sleeping can be a little difficult due to your tummy, and a pregnancy pillow can help you get enough sleep which is important when you are with child. You will have many cravings during these months but be careful what you eat as some foods are not suitable for women who are pregnant. During this trimester, you will also start feeling your baby moving which is a good sign.

pregnant woman sittingThe third trimester

The final run to delivery, your tummy will be rather large, and you may start to experience back pains due to the additional weight you are carrying. Take is slow and avoid lifting anything heavy or make long trips during this time. You should avoid flying too, and you should visit your doctor frequently.


Becoming a mother is the greatest achievement for a woman, and when you are ready, your new bundle of joy will give you many smiles.