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Treatments for relieving TMJ pain

Living with TMJ can be a very debilitating and extremely painful experience but do not have to worry because there are many treatments to for TMJ relieve. Any of these treatments can help you overcome the pain that is caused by TMJ. Although it can take expense and time to find the right TMJ treatment for your particular case, you can be sure that there is a treatment that will work for you. Here are some of the treatments that can help you get relieved from TMJ.

Neuromuscular dentistbiteguard

This type of treatment consists of advanced technologies used in detecting any joint or jaw misalignment and diagnose muscular malfunctions. Specialist work to find out the source of your TMJ beyond the conventional means. The treatments are focused on correction of the source of TMJ disorder. Such technologies include jaw tracking, sonography, and electromyography technology. If you are in San Antonia you can visit TMJ relief San Antonio.

Treatments to correct the TMJ source may include orthotics to temporarily realign overlapping or misaligned bites, orthodontics that permanently corrects malocclusion and a custom-made bite guard that prevents you from grinding your teeth at night. The bite guard is important if teeth grinding is the cause of your TMJ and it helps you break this habit and prevent any further damages if teeth grinding is not the cause.

Another treatment is the transcutaneous electrical neural stimulation, TENS which stimulates your jaw muscles and increase blood flow as well as promoting toxin and waste removal from your muscles. This relaxes the muscles hence offer immediate relief to most TMJ symptoms.

Chiropractic treatment

This consists of head and neck adjustments and manipulations to help correct any misalignment that may exist in your head, jaw and neck areas that are the possible sources of TMJ. Massage of the malfunctioning or weak muscles can also be done to strengthen your overall jaw area. This treatment is effective in relieving pain due to TMJ and correcting the condition.

Rehabilitation programs

These include various exercises that TMJ patients should do daily to teach their jaws to function well again and also strengthen weak muscles that malfunction due to TMJ disorder. These are usually prescribed by a chiropractor as well as a dentist.

Anger management and relaxation techniques

angerTechniques for managing anger and relaxing should also be incorporated if TMJ is due to chronic stress leading to teeth clenching and grinding. These may not directly relieve TMJ pain but will eliminate the root problems that cause TMJ

TMJ is a common disorder that most people do not notice until it is late. Even so, you do not have to live with TMJ forever thanks to these treatments that relieve TMJ pain.…