Understanding More About Hash Oil For Vaping

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Vaping is a method of enjoying different ingredients like tobacco and marijuana in a safe and enjoyable way. Vaping pens which have various components like the tank heating coils and battery are the instrument used. So, one of the best way to enjoy marijuana is making a hash oil e-juice. The original hash oil also known as wax or BHO would be heat directly using a torch and sometimes used in edibles. People can, therefore, learn how to make hash oil for vape pen using the various recommended ways. So, how does one go about this interesting procedure? Follow this article.

About hash oil for vaping

What is hash oil?

hash oilCannabis leaves contain some oil and other concentrates which give the feeling of high once it is inhaled. The ingredients can also be used for medicinal purposes under very highly regulate conditions by the doctors. The hash oil is usually more potent because it has a high concentrate of THC that regular dried buds. Thus most people prefer going through the procedure of making the hash oil or cannabis concentrate.

How to make the hash oil wax

Making the wax from the cannabis is a simple procedure though it requires time and patience. All you need is alcohol solvent and mixing bowls and fresh chopped marijuana buds. Researchers advise that chopping the buds very finely will give the maximum extraction.

The process includes soaking the marijuana in alcohol for a full day (24 hours ) after which you can filter the residuals out. The resulting mixture will be a light and greenish liquid. This not being the final process, it is good to allow the alcohol to evaporate giving you a wax result.

How to make e-juice from hash oil wax

hash oil plantUsing the hash oil wax in a pipe is also called dabbing which was popular a decade ago. However, with the increasing usage of vaping pen, e-juices are becoming the most used. Thanks to the innovator of a liquidizer used to make e-juice from hash wax. All one needs is to mix the two and heat gently. The resulting liquid is thus used in the vape pens without any challenges.


Vaping pens enhance the use of cannabis and people who have switched to this method would find it difficult to turn back. Going through the about procedure would be tiresome to people but worth to those who want to enjoy on a budget. The other alternative is to buy the cannabis e-juice ready from a reliable seller.