Ways to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy


If you have suffered from a toothache before, surely, you don’t want to let your child experience it. The excruciating and dull pain, which is painful to pressure, cold, heat, and movement, can truly be so mind-boggling. All you might have in mind when you experience such a toothache is to have the fastest-acting pain reliever.

To avoid such a situation, keeping your child’s teeth healthy can be the best solution. Here are some tips.

Professional Care

See the Dentist Early

boyAccording to the American Dentists Association, you should bring your child to a pediatric dentist after the first birthday. While you are holding your baby, the dentist will conduct a modified oral exam. He will also teach the proper way of brushing and flossing.

Make Regular Visits

Having regular visits to a pediatric dentist will erase any fear of any dental procedure in the future. You will also be able to know more about caring for your child’s teeth. During these visits, the dentist may perform routine exams to look for signs of tooth decay and other aspects that may result in oral issues. This is called preventive dentistry.

Fluoride Treatment

While your child is still young, letting him undergo fluoride treatment is advisable. Fluoride is a natural element that is excellent for our teeth’s enamel to stay strong and healthy. It is best when administered to a child’s teeth as it binds better during the development of permanent teeth.

Sealant Application

Oral Habits EarlyWhile your child is still young and stays at you at home, you can monitor everything about his oral health. But by the time he can go out without your presence, you may not be sure if he is eating sweets or not. In this case, you should have sealants placed on his back teeth. The back teeth are the usual starting points of tooth decay because of their location and physical makeup.

Home Care

Introduce Good Oral Habits Early

With the appearance of the first tooth, you can start teaching your child how to brush. When your child has grown two or more teeth, you can introduce flossing. Set his brushing time, which should at least be 2x a day. Of course, you have to assist him while he is still very young.

Use Toothpaste for Children Only

Adult toothpaste can be too strong for a child. Some brands are specially formulated for kids. Choose one that is certified by your country’s national dentists association. This will make sure that it is safe for your child with enough fluoride in it. You should start with small amounts first.

Limit Giving Sweets

babyWhile children love sweets, it can be the reason for tooth decay. Gums, candies, and chocolates are a few examples. You can let your child gargle with lukewarm water letting them eat some of these sweets. You can also let him brush his teeth. By now, all parents should know that giving sweets to our children is not being sweet to them after all.