What You Need to Know Before a Foot Surgery

injury Foot surgery is not a common problem but often occurs in athletes and other sports people. Your podiatrist could recommend you for a foot surgery in cases of serious injuries. It is important that you seek to understand before this operation is carried out. Always seek answers before being operated. The goal of this orthopedic operation is to restore foot function and cure the injuries. It is important that the surgery recommendation is based on a number of factors such as your age, cause of the injury and the general health.

Questions to ask before a foot surgery

  1. What is procedure all about?
  2. Are there any other alternatives to this form of surgery?
  3. Is the process beneficial as far as pain relief and foot function are concerned?
  4. Are there risks related to this form of operation?
  5. What is the success rate for this procedure?surgery
  6. What could go wrong if the surgery is delayed?
  7. How is the procedure carried out?
  8. How often are such operations done in the hospital?
  9. In case I need advice or seek clarity, who do I consult?
  10. Are there any medical tests required before the operation?
  11. During the procedure, what kind of anesthesia will be used? Could there be any negative effects associated with this anesthesia? Is there need to have a meeting with the anesthesiologist before the operation?
  12. What medical conditions should the surgeon know about before operation?
  13. Is there any pain after the operation? If yes, what will be used to control the pains?
  14. After how long can I resume normal activities after the operation?
  15. Is there any risk of becoming disabled after the operation?
  16. Are there any implants involved in this procedure? If yes, what kind of implants and why?

football player injured It is imperative for anyone to learn the reasons for the surgery. Your surgeon should be able to answer all the above questions among other issues that need to be discussed. The importance of these questions is to ensure preparedness for the foot surgery. Take time to prepare adequately before going for the surgery. Always discuss with your podiatrist on all the areas you feel unclear. Your foot surgery should be as smooth as possible. In case there anything you do not understand, always discuss with your doctor.